ORBITA Launches new residential biometric lock

UPDATE:2020-06-03 13:57

After two years R&D, ORBITA is proud to launch its first App based Biometric lock for residential market. P8010 is a classic design lock and 90% of the lock material is made of stainless steel while the lock face panel and handle was covered by Acrylic. The lock can be openned by five different ways such as fingerprint, password, RFID card, mobile App and override mechanical key. In case of battery exhaustion, it can also be powered by external power bank or 6v battery pack via mini USB port. The lock also allows the host or hostess to remotely send a onetime random password to a visitor who is authorized to enter the house when host or hostess is not at home.


The small LCD screen on the top of the lock just gives the users a friendly setting menu by text and the operating result is reminded by voice. The keypad only lights up after a soft touch of the screen. Both the young and the senior enjoy the new technology either by APP, fingerprint, touch screen password or the exquisite RFID tag.


ORBITA residential biometric lock brings you a safe, convenient and Hi-Tech home.

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