ORBITA & ARISTON donated face masks to Kobe Central Hospital

UPDATE:2020-06-03 14:25

Ariston Hotel group is one of the reputable hotel groups in Japan with hotels all over Japan。 Ariston’s devotion to a unique lodging experience to their guests matches well with ORBITA’s product designing concept。 Therefore, Ariston and built up the strategic cooperation.

In May,16,2020, Mr. Kent Miyamoto, the chairman of Ariston hotel group, representing ARISTON and ORBITA, donated some face masks to Kobe Central Hospital which is near Kobe Ariston Hotel.
“There is always lack of masks to protect doctors and medical staff。 They appreciate our donation very much “said Kent, “in this special period when COVID-19 is ranging in Japan, we need to make some contributions to the society”
The donation verified the friendship between ARISTON and ORBITA。 To some extent, it verified the friendship between Japan and China。 COVID-19 is still ranging worldwide at the moment; we pray for Japan, we pray for the world!

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